2016 November

PIPER came to join our family (my fiancĂ© and myself), on Saturday, March 8th, but it feels like she’s been ours FOREVER! She has brought so much joy to our lives and to our every day! She really keeps us on our toes, as she’s still a puppy and would rather chew on my shoes or a clothes hanger than the toys we bought for her, but she’s got such a sweet, funny personality! She loves to go for long walks with her new mommy and daddy, and LOVES to give us 1,000 kisses when we get home from work. She especially loves her daddy, as he wrestles all over the floor with her, and she cries at the back door when he leaves, and jumps at the door when she hears the garage door opening! Thanks, ARPO, for allowing us the chance to save a beautiful puppy and add to our (small) family!!