About ARPO







Acquiring a new companion animal is a big responsibility, and a commitment for the lifetime of the animal. If you are not prepared to care for your companion through both the good and the bad times, please reconsider acquiring a pet. Pets take time, effort, and patience, and will reward you 1000 times over. If you are ready for a lifetime of love and furry hugs, please contact us!


ARPO does not have a shelter, so all of our pets are in volunteer foster care. While living in foster care, all of our animals receive individualized, loving attention. We hold adoptions at various pet store locations throughout the greater Indianapolis area.

ARPO limits adoptions to within 50 miles of Indianapolis. We do not have a shelter, as all our pets are in volunteer foster homes. View our Upcoming Events section to see where ARPO will be at and when.

Potential adopters must fill out the Adoption Pre-Qualification Form.

An interview and home visit are required. These home visits are done by a member of our all volunteer staff. Lastly, before taking your new companion, a contract must be signed, including the provision that the adopter will provide quality food, shelter, and medical care.



  • Puppies 6 months and under: $175
  • Puppies 7 months and over: $150
  • Senior Dogs: $75
  • Kittens: $100
  • Two Kittens: $150
  • Adult Cats 6 months & over: $50

Acquiring a new companion animal can also come with a price and a commitment to ensure that the animal remains of sound health and mind.

ARPO’s adoption fees include:

  • All animals are vet checked for healthiness.
  • All animals will be up-to-date on age-appropriate vaccinations.
  • All animals will be microchipped for their safety.
  • All animals will be spayed or neutered prior to placement.

If you think you’re ready for a lifelong companion, please complete the Adoption Pre-Qualification Form.