PIPER came to join our family (my fiancé and myself), on Saturday, March 8th, but it feels like she’s been ours FOREVER! She has brought so much joy to our lives and to our every day! She really keeps us on our toes, as she’s still a puppy and would rather chew on my shoes or a clothes hanger than the toys we bought for her, but she’s got such a sweet, funny personality! She loves to go for long walks with her new mommy and daddy, and LOVES to give us 1,000 kisses when we get home from work. She especially loves her daddy, as he wrestles all over the floor with her, and she cries at the back door when he leaves, and jumps at the door when she hears the garage door opening! Thanks, ARPO, for allowing us the chance to save a beautiful puppy and add to our (small) family!!

LIAM has been a great joy to our home since he joined us in October 2012. He is a mix of Shar Pei/Pointer/Black Lab. Our first adoptee, Dixie needed a friend to expend her energy and have a friend. She picked him out when we took her to meet a different dog that we liked. The home visit sealed it! His personality is loyal, fun loving, and lap lover. When we take him for walks, he always seems to see the birds and occasionally points. His energy level is expended in the backyard with the other dog, Dixie. It seems to keep them both in check by preventing any indoor desire to eat things they shouldn’t, plus helps them listen to our expectations. We love him dearly! I can’t imagine our lives without him; it was hard to go on our first vacation away from them, as they go everywhere with us.

dixie-1DIXIE was an ARPO rescue, who is a mix of Terrier and Canaan. Her golden eyes matches her golden fur which a lot of ladies say that they wish they matched their clothes. We’re so glad that someone reported her as neglected. She was out in the heat of summer 90-105 degree temps, on a rope, without water nor food! The previous owners now have charges against them, for neglect. Her foster family was able to take her weight from 23 to 40+ pounds! Dixie is definitely the Alpha of the two of them, but she has no problem rolling over and acting like a submissive baby to get her belly scratched!! The terrier in her personality gives her lots of energy and the ability to spring as high as your head when tossing a stick or toy. Dixie is a delight to play and enjoy. She very much is a pleaser and easily taught and makes us laugh and smile a lot.

Butterscotch started off as a foster dog, but it wasn’t long before she became a permanent resident.  She’s a quarter beagle, a quarter yorkie, and half pure all american mutt.  But she’s 100% sweet and does great with all the kids and animals in our home.  We all love her and couldn’t imagine life without her.