Dixie Was Neglected Until ARPO Rescued Her!

dixie-1DIXIE was an ARPO rescue, who is a mix of Terrier and Canaan. Her golden eyes matches her golden fur which a lot of ladies say that they wish they matched their clothes. We’re so glad that someone reported her as neglected. She was out in the heat of summer 90-105 degree temps, on a rope, without water nor food! The previous owners now have charges against them, for neglect. Her foster family was able to take her weight from 23 to 40+ pounds! Dixie is definitely the Alpha of the two of them, but she has no problem rolling over and acting like a submissive baby to get her belly scratched!! The terrier in her personality gives her lots of energy and the ability to spring as high as your head when tossing a stick or toy. Dixie is a delight to play and enjoy. She very much is a pleaser and easily taught and makes us laugh and smile a lot.